Skyline Therapeutics

The field of gene and cell therapy is rapidly advancing, yet major unmet medical needs remain for patients with rare or severe diseases. Skyline Therapeutics strives to address these unmet needs through the research and development of novel therapies that have potential to bring life-changing benefits to patients.

End-to-end AAV capabilities from discovery to CMC

Skyline has established an advanced adeno-associated virus (AAV) based platform that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge capsid discovery, vector engineering, process development and GMP manufacturing, offering an unparalleled degree of quality and efficiency in the development of innovative gene therapies.

Novel AAV capsid discovery

Skyline’s capDRIVE™ platform, a robust AAV capsid screening technology through recovery of capsid encoding nucleic acids, powers the efficient identification of novel capsids with desired characteristics. Together with our proprietary vector genome design, we are turning leading-edge gene therapy technologies into innovative treatments with substantial therapeutic impacts.